Hit T.V. show Ghost Adventures, and Paranosis, Kay’s Cross Episode.

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Kaysvile, Utah. One of televisions #1 hits descended upon our humble little state, in our own backyard, and again they pull out spirits from the other side. Whether it’s from a dark side or light side was still to be determined. Ghost Adventures has a reputation for getting significant evidence of the paranormal, and the world watches as they do it. They choose the places they investigate for their own reasons, but coming here was greatly influenced by none other than our very own Vincent Lords. Vincent founded the paranormal team Paranosis four years ago. Vincent like so many of us follow Zak Bagans and Ghost adventures, not only on their show, but on social media as well. After many comments on Kay’s Cross in Kay’s Hollow, of Vincent’s own findings, Ghost Adventures finally made contact. “How legit is is Kay’s Cross?” Vincent had no trouble describing his experiences among others to them, which in turn convinced them enough to fly from all corners of the Earth, from their own vacations, to film an episode in the Hollow.

Kay’s Hollow is tucked behind a working farm. The house and farm deceive the very premises of where the cross lies. When you think you have seen the orchards, and fields, you make a left onto a path that reaches for 105 acres into a hollow. Trees, and shrubbery cover the ground and land. Old farm equipment and cars have been left to the environments elements. They are rusting, and old, and it only adds to the atmosphere that something sinister lurks the further down you travel. It’s like it is all set up for a scene in a movie, except it’s not. This is all part of something, a life that once lived on this property, in these fields, picked these berries…built this cross.

kays cross image

Krishna Venta, a man who thought himself to be a modern day Jesus, manipulated the family that once owned this property. It is believed that he built the cross during his travels here. Josh, the current owner and operator of the farm, says that Krishna’s followers, who were family members of his, eventually murdered him because of the way he flirted and became overly friendly with the followers wives.

The team members of Ghost adventures and Paranosis converge onto the property to get a better feel for how the hollow is. I say this, because each day is different in the hollow, one day it may be peaceful, and the next it will turn you around making you loose your bearings. One night the animals will be prancing through the woods and orchards, and the next there will be no sight of the animals, not even a peep from the crickets. which creates the vibe that the darker side of the spirit world has made it’s presence known.


From the interviews, Zak is itching to get down to the cross. I’m sure it’s unseen energy is pulling him, just as it does for most people that visit there. Vincent gives them the tour. At first it may seem unimpressive, but as they pass the water well, and feel the change in temperature, the GA teams faces all seem apprehensive to continue on.


There is one major incident that brought the Ghost Adventures team to this hollow. Bennett Rayne. The lead investigator for Paranosis had a full on possession. This classic, Gothic looking beauty isn’t afraid of anything, but whatever lurks at Kay’s Cross isn’t afraid of her. In fact, it wants her. When Bennett went down to the cross for the first time, it clearly was entranced by her. It pulled her away from the group, to a secluded spot and quite literally brought her to her knees. When the Paranosis team finally found her, she was kneeling, with her head to the heavens, eyes glazed over and yet her mind unconscious to her outside surroundings. She was chanting, swaying, and pale. Whatever force of evil this was, it wanted her…bad. From Bennett’s perspective, she was being offered. But offered to whom? When I asked her she said.


“I felt like there was a woman there, with me, or in me. There was the presence of a strong male entity, and she was offering me over to him.” The team had to carry her out, her vitals were “out of whack” as they say, She was sick to the point that she was vomiting and weak. It took three days for her to recover from this experience. Even as she investigates now, when she gets to the cross she is lured to the same spot and just stares off in space for at least a half an hour.

Vincent at one time laid on the cross and when he returned home found three burn marks on his back.


Zak Bagans interviewed her, and was convinced just by her story.  Zak asked Vincent if they feared for Bennett’s life, as Vincent put it. “She is an adult and at her own will, we will protect her as much as we can.” It was at the moment a disembodied voice said “Goodnight”. With Zak’s phone on lock, and no one else saying it, although it sounded like audio. No other females around at that time, it seems it truly is a spirit saying this.


As they walked around getting familiar with the place Zak took off Vincent’s mic and asked him about something they found at the cross. Twigs had been bent into different shapes, and a small bag of items was hanging underneath the cross. Anytime things like this are found it usually means that some sort of ritual has been performed, but by who?

The bag looked as though it had been there for months. They convinced one of the other Ghost Adventures team members to open it. The contents?  Berries, leaves and teeth. Yes you read that right. Teeth, were found in this small satchel. They researched it on the spot and discovered that it was most likely Pagan or Voodoo, but definitely something they didn’t want to mess with. They made their own peace and song of apologetic poetry and buried it, hoping that would satisfy any angry spirit.

Directly on the other side of the path is a very large tree. The Hangman’s tree. A man a few years ago had come down to this tree and hung himself. No one knows why, but he left behind his loving with and small children. It took the police three days to find him.

With now finding Satanic symbols, the hangman’s tree story, and the rituals at the cross itself, it’s needless to say that the Ghost adventures team were ready to investigate Kay’s Cross… almost. They have spent the last 3 days gathering evidence for this location. The last thing to do, is get testimonial from the neighbors, and owners themselves.

The neighboring houses have seen apparitions, and heard un-natural things at night. It only further proves that it’s not just the forest animals that are running around down there.

For the first time in Ghost Adventures history Paranosis was allowed to go behind the scenes and take pictures. Which gave Paranosis proof that Ghost Adventures is “legit” as Vincent puts it.


The lock down began around 9:30 pm, but Zak bailed at 2:30 am unannounced to his team and did not come back. When they sent Dakota back to get B roll he said “I hate this place.” “I am happy to be here, but so happy to be away from that place” was apparently a tweet from Dakota.

Zak describes it as “A portal to Hell”

Aaron asks “What is up with Utah?” Yes we ask ourselves the same thing. There clearly is a reason evil resides in the hiding places of our beautiful state. The strong minded people that live here want nothing more than a good beautiful place to live and raise their families, and anything dark with do what it can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Kay’s Cross episode brought out many more fans because of the location. As we held a special viewing party for the episode many people became more dazzled by the prospect of ghosts lurking down here. Those that visit this place, will find themselves more frightened than anything, I believe.

Ghost Adventures caught a slew of evidence, but you will need to watch the episode to find out for yourselves what lives or better yet doesn’t live in the Kay’s Cross woods.

In Vincent Lords words, “Anyone that comes here, pays a price”

kays cross

Author: Eliza Crosby, blogger for Paranosis.

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Disclaimer: Everything I have written in this article was told to me by Vincent Lords. I have not received any direct quotes from Ghost Adventures. All rights reserved, Ghost Adventures is copyrighted. I have not taken anything from their website or social media on what has been posted by Paranosis.




The Cross of Legends



Each of these photos offer beauty, and quietude. They also offer a false sense of peace and serenity to something that lies much deeper in the woods, Kays Cross. This path will lead us through many beautiful scenes, each more deceiving than the next. The feeling here is bright, and hopeful. These are the moments I dream about, wanting to be in the gorgeous outdoors, and feeling like I could live in that single moment forever, unchanging. But I know that the sun will set, and bring the night, and with it…spirits. I am going to take you through my evening with the paranormal investigative group Paranosis, and our adventure at Kays Cross.

We are greeted by purple flowers and orchards of fruit trees, because this is a working farm. Families have lived here for many years.DSC_0005

The path leads through tall grass, and plants. I come upon an old tractor that I can’t help but photograph because at some point it worked. It creates a picturesque moment that I talked about earlier, I can see my kids playing on this tractor, but like most things on the path to Kays Cross, it’s dead. It no longer runs, or offers help to keep the farm functioning. It has stopped in a spot never to be moved again. This is only the beginning of the path.


The original house that stood on the property and housed a family, now crumbled to the ground like a pile of firewood.  Brings a sense that all things crumble eventually.DSC_0007

Then cars scattered through the tall grass, rusted and broken. What happened that brought them to this spot? Were they driven here? Pushed? I find I am riddled with more questions with each step I take in this place.DSC_0008

AAAAAAnnnnnnnnnddddd who’s dead body is in that trunk? There are clothes hanging out of that car, I am not comforted by this thought. It’s probably not a dead body, probably. These images in my mind are haunting and yet alluring.


This well is not original to the property, it’s not even a working well. Why? Because the family held a haunt for Halloween at one point and built this as part of the haunted woods experience. It runs under the ground and comes up through the trees about 15 feet away. There are many little things from the haunt throughout the woods. At some points it is hard to decipher what is real and what was once a pretend haunted experience, in the end it all adds up to it being creepy, and the perfect introduction to a night of investigating. This well may have been for pretend but now it gets a lot of activity in and around it. The symbols on the side were added by some vandals, and most likely from a cult-like person or group. It should serve as a deterrent to those wanting to explore here, but it only draws those wanting more of the mystery that is Kays Cross.


The questions only come quicker now, with the sight of a bathtub and wood burning stove rusted with bullet holes. They are in the middle of a field and grove of trees and plants, very random places for these items to be.


One thing I fell in love with this place, it is surrounded in raspberry bushes. They line the paths and weave with so many other plants, creating the perfect ambiance for a quiet stroll…too quiet.

I didn’t see it coming, it would have had to jump up and bite me…


May I present KAYS CROSS. Or what’s left of it. This giant piece of stone that pulled in so many myths and legends, sits before me, taunting in the only way it knows how. If you don’t know the stories behind this piece of history in Kaysville, Utah I suggest you look it up. Some say a polygamist went crazy and murdered his sevens wives burying them here, others think it may have something to do with a cult that was once run by a man named  Krishna Venta, who thought himself the modern day God. The cross stood 20 feet tall and 13 feet wide, With a “K” in the middle.

kays cross image

Does the “K” stand for Kingston the name of the family that owns the property, or for Krishna who claims to have played a part in the cross being built? Or is it something else entirely? No one knows how this appeared here, but it brought much destructive behavior over the years. Witchcraft, cult practices and vandalism. And with all of that, it brought evil, and unwanted spirits and unseen things to this place.DSC_0026


A circle of salt and something red in the middle, blood? Maybe, but it’s been there for a while. This place on the cross has become some sort of offering stone for whatever practices happen here. Vincent Lords founder of Paranosis.


He has found multiple things on here, including a cow heart. There are definitely items brought in that don’t belong here.


These are bones, most likely animal, but bones none the less. Not something I expected to see around the cross, this definitely creates a darker image than what I came in seeing. The temperature begins to drop, and I realize we have spent more than enough time staring at the fallen structure. It is a mass that is unforgettable once you see it. I can only feel confused at the sight of it. It doesn’t seem menacing, but the sun has not yet set. DSC_0029


The deeper we go the darker the woods become. Even though this gate was built for the haunt its at this moment that the wind picks up and I suddenly have a “Watcher in the Woods” moment. These woods talk, the trees, plants, and animals all know that something more sinister rests here and they all stare at me as a warning to not linger here or I may join them.


The haunt that once ran in these woods was not very well prepared, but now I think with the decaying props it just might work. A super happy fun slide, and coffins built most likely for someone to jump out, could it possibly be for the dead woman in the trunk? Kidding, the haunt props were definitely built to last, and now just add to the overgrown surroundings and possibly something that encourage the spirits there.


I am completely drawn to the trees. They have stories to tell, they have seen things, but over the years a fire or something destroyed parts of the woods killing some of the trees, and they just became part of the death that lingers here.


This rocking chair seemed to fascinate all of us. The picture alone creates so many stories, some innocent, some not. Maybe a grandmother rocked her grandchildren in this chair and read them stories. Or maybe something much darker happened, my thoughts run wild with the possibilities.

I am again drawn to the cross with Vincent. It clearly is a puzzle no one has been able to piece together. Is it bringing hope or horror?


One thing that has brought sadness to this place is a single tree.DSC_0123

The only name I can think of is a Hangman’s tree. A man hung from this tree, it was ruled a suicide, but being in these woods, was it? Or could he have been driven by something else? I will rule it as murder, a very evil force was driving the mans motive to end his life here. According to my friend Hraefn Wulfson, he still dwells here. The man relives his death in this tree. Is it his purgatory?DSC_0034

As I continued on down the path, this tree was my stopping point. No matter how I tried to get around it, I could not pass this tree. Something was stopping me, I couldn’t pass the point of that tree. What lies beyond that tree? What didn’t want me to go there?


Once you cross this bridge it is the point of no return. You will feel a heaviness like nothing you have felt before. The temperature will drop, and your senses will heighten and dim at the same time. Things will become clearer, but your surroundings will darken and confuse you.

The deer in the back of this orchard are having their final meal of daylight, the sun sets and now it is time for the night to come alive with the dead.


Each moment counting down to the investigation is filled with anticipation, and excitement. I watch each of the faces of the patrons. They are ready, maybe not prepared for what will happen, but they are definitely ready to start this adventure. Vincent and the Paranosis team gather everyone around to give instructions. Each team member has a very important role on Paranosis, and they have their talents and specialties that are used at each of these events.  Vincent stands in front of the group and advises that they follow the rules. 1. Stay together, and 2. be respectful, and leave things better than you found them. He exudes so much love, passion and respect for this land, that we can feel it through his words. This place has become a part of him, and it holds a piece of him. It calls to him, just like the sea calls a sailor, he must go. He is ready to introduce to us, Kays Cross, the woods he calls a “Beast”.

We make our way into the belly of the “beast”. Each step becomes more treacherous as it is now getting darker. Each spot that has generated some sort of “energy” by events, or something paranormal is marked with an orange cone. The path down does seem more ominous now that the sun has gone down. We can barely see the well and the bridge.

As we make our way to the bridge there is a significant drop in temperature.


This is normal down in the gully of the cross. One minute you are sweating beads down your face, and the next you want to put on a jacket.  We cautiously follow Vincent and his team down the pathway and come to the bridge. Once you hit this point of no return, you realize that anything beyond this spot is unpredictable, and possibly dangerous. It only gets darker as we cross the bridge, and colder.


We come upon the cross and the hangman’s tree.DSC_0137

Everyone is in awe at the stone figure. DSC_0119

Bennett, the teams lead investigator, begins talking about how the equipment works and asks what we should start with. It seems that no one really knows what they should do, so she suggests they start with an EMF. Talking with the spirits, asking questions, finding out their story. This tiny, brave and knowledgeable woman knows exactly what she is doing and captures the attention of almost everyone here, with the exception of a few. I watch as they ask questions, but it’s difficult to hear what is being said. I look around to try and find more people to interview, but no matter how hard I try I am frozen in this spot. I can only stay by the cross, this is where I feel safest. If I try to walk I am overcome with the fear that I will lose my bearings, and get lost. And an incredible pull to stay put.

I notice Bennett and her group are inching their way down to the bridge. More people gravitate towards her, but no matter how much I want to follow I am pulled by an unseen force to sit in a spot next to the cross.

Others have wandered to a path behind the hangman’s tree.


Vio Wolf one of the teams investigators, astounding artist, and occult specialist.


She follows them to make sure they don’t get lost. What I have discovered about Vio, is she is a complete badass, and not afraid of anything. Most people would run from danger, Vio runs towards it. She is very in-tune to the surroundings in Kay’s Hollow. I admire this, and yet terrified and know she is not someone to mess with.

mike mohn

Michael Mohn is…well he is security, and just “here to look good”. Hehe, he really looks out for everyone and is very attentive. He wants to make sure that everyone is having a good, safe time. He is going back and forth between teams and base camp to make sure everything is secure.

Many people are compelled to climb on the cross. Some can resist, but for some the call is just to strong, and they stand, sit, or lay on the cross. Vincent has been burned laying on the cross. Other people are getting scratched, pulled, and heavy feelings of unseen presence. This place leaves a mark that haunts your constant thoughts. It calls you back, it tries to make you stay. Whatever is here wants to lure souls, and keep their spirits forever.


One of my friends who is also a medium Misty Hansen, had an experience that terrifies me and makes me grateful I am not a medium. I am quoting her.

“I don’t even know how to describe it! She was on the ground but was darting from tree to tree. It wasn’t human, the way she moved, she twitched and contorted in ways most of us don’t. She just kept going from tree to tree almost like she was herding us, keeping us at the cross.

In my mind I told her to back off, she was making a few of the others sick. I barely had time to blink before her wrinkley face was inches away from mine. She starred me down and I just kept telling her to back off. I told her she wasn’t able to hurt us and she almost…. Cackled that I had no power there and she scratched my arm. They weren’t deep, very light actually, but they burned for hours. She almost looked panicked that it didn’t bother me more and scurried back to the trees where she just watched.
I wouldn’t call her a woman…. She’s not human.I keep calling her a hag… She was so awful.
But her skin was the same (mostly) she had more hair
And wore a long almost…. Nightgown looking thing. Long sleeves. And her eyes were different.

Depending on what she was doing and saying and how she reacted to me her eyes would change”


Just her description of this woman makes me shake with fear. Knowing that creature is down there. I find that I cannot stay longer, I am not feeling well. Whether that is an effect of the cross, or something else I must leave. My energy is drained, I tell the spirits they must stay in the woods and not follow me home.

As I walk up the path a very loud banging comes from across the woods. It sounds like a rubber mallet hitting the side of a wooden barn. I am terrified by this, because there is nothing of the sort around me to make that noise. I run quicker to get to the safety of lights and my car. As we round the path and pass Vincent’s car I notice something that wasn’t there before. This is the hood of Vincent Lords car. A circle of ash, and a cross mad out of sticks. This is not the first time his car has been vandalized here. Pigs blood was poured on his car at one point. Not knowing if something is trying to warn him or protect him, he continues to investigate Kay’s Cross.

cross on car

If Kay’s cross is haunted, then it is not Casper the friendly ghost down there. With a couple suicides and more harm than good being done there, I highly suggest to keep your distance. You may find yourself under the power of the unseen in another dimension.

Kays cross group


The Paranosis team is truly an amazing investigative group. I absolutely love their energy, and passion for the paranormal. Vincent Lords Host and Hypnosist. Bennett Rayne, Co Host and Lead investigator. Anya White Psychic/Medium. Tyler Swain Photographer, videographer, artist. Ryan Sellers Photographer, videographer. Mike Mohn Security and standing there to just look good. Neal Dymock Security and the only muscle you ever need. Pictured above.

This is a night I will never forget. I am sure this isn’t my last time being down there, but if I can brave it just like Ghost Adventures, then maybe I just might survive again. I want to thank the Paranosis team for entrusting me with this article. Kay’s Cross is definitely a place of different entities, and dimensions. Enter only if you dare.DSC_0153